BlockSmack – going retro – our fifth app is available in an AppStore near you

This time going back to basic – totally retro – out fifth iOS app is out  – BlockSmack  – just as you remember it back then 🙂

And things are going fast – even before – updating our website – we have had good feed back – that we have addressed – version 1.0.1 is available here

Summery – BlockSmack is a fun and additive arcade game, where you should smack the all blocks to get from one level to another – upon smacking new actions will drop from the sky …. have fun … and please provide feedback….. enjoy

Launching our second

Another great news 😀 – our second app has seen the light of day – “TrafikTavlen” a FlipFlop educational app – for learning the most important traffic signs in danish traffic law – how do they look, and what is there meaning download from Apple’s app store – please fell free to provide feedback 😀

10K Version 1.2 is out

Great news 😀

Our developers has done it again, they done some spring cleaning, changed defect light bulbs, taken care of the hence 🙂  In this free version of 10K ( get it here ) you will get:

  • More personal experience
  • More challenges on diff. levels
  • More statistics
  • Possibility to earn “free throws” under “Bonus”

Have fun 😀

10k is now available

More great news 😀 – 10K the classical dices game is now available in the app store – hope that you will love it – as my son said “Dad – it is a bit addictive”  – LOL – so be careful 😉

Download is available here – or search the app store for publisher “codebaboons” – but please give it a spin – any feedback will be appreciated 🙂